(TECH) Anyone want a keyboard for sending SMS messages?

As part of getting familiar with the various programming IDEs (Eclipse and Arduino are both new to me), as well as the new phone technology, I’ve been playing around with the base RePhone Kit Create software (as other people on here have been).

I’ve managed to add the ability to type in your own messages, and not just rely on the canned messages. I don’t (yet) have a sim for my phone, so I haven’t been able to test any of the SMS stuff directly, but from what I’ve seen it looks to be working OK. Certainly not perfect, rather clunky in fact and currently only lower case and probably missing symbols, but working nonetheless.

I’ve turned the top line of the canned messages into a “” field, that spawns a 4-screen keyboard window series to generate your message. It then saves that message in the list of canned messages, overwriting “”, and allowing you to select it to send. You can click that top line again to create a new message.

If there’s some desire, I’d be happy to setup a fork of the software on github and release this change, but if so bare with me, because I’ve never used github before now either. :smiley:

Thanks for reading!

Hey Adam,

I am interessted in the sms-function…

Would you mind to push it to github?


I’d like to take a look on that too.

Would you like some help for GitHub?
You should be on Microsoft’s OS if you can try the IDE.

Hope that I could do this on linux soon.

I was having SSH connection problems, but it looks like replacing the HTTPS urls with SSH urls fixed that!

I haven’t made any of my changes yet, but the fork is set up and now linked to my local copy.
github.com/scriven42/RePhone_Cr … ource_Code

OK, initial attempt has been pushed!
Please let me know of any bugs/etc.

Has anyone besides me tested this yet? Any feedback/bugs?
I hope it’s working good for everyone.

I download the code, and it can type SMS, but I found it can’t receive the SMS when send out a SMS.

:frowning: Crappy! I’ll look into that ASAP!

Hello, the fix is in!

My nano-sim cutter finally arrived, so I’ve activated my phone, confirmed the problem, and then over the last few hours I finally had a chance to work out the fix!

I had made a rather terrible assumption about how the message text was actually sent out, and so the typed message was never referenced properly. :blush:

The updated code and VXD has been pushed to github! Sorry for the silly bug, and please let me know what everyone thinks!

Also, now that the basics are working, I’m curious how other people think I should lay out the keyboard? I just picked the modified QWERTY I used merely for simplicity’s sake and to try and cram as many symbols as possible in. There are many symbols missing however, and I’d like to make it more complete. Capitals, for instance! But given the limitations of the screen size, that’s a lot of different screens…

Thanks for your interest!

Some pictures of the various keyboard screens, as well as the changes to the New SMS screen.

Edited to add this link to the youtube video, per request: [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yrt1eOAyXKc[/youtube]
Sorry the pictures are so large, I thought they’d be resized when I uploaded them! :blush:
keyboard - page 5.jpg
keyboard - page 4.jpg
keyboard - page 3.jpg
keyboard - page 2.jpg
keyboard - page 1.jpg
Pick SMS Screen.jpg