T1000 tracker issues - looking to other people experiences

I’m testing SenseCap T1000 tracker along with other trackers (other brands), using Helium LoRaWAN network, and I detected two problems:

  1. The T1000 misses a lot of packets (i.e; I check the frame counter and I see a lot of transmitted packets that are not captured by any hotspot/gateway). As a reference, the other trackers are listened by the hotspots without problem… So I’m wondering if the radio/antenna in this design has a lower performance than the other trackers…
  2. The tracker is mostly in sleep mode, but when it detects a movement, it should start transmitting packets. However, in many occasions, I see the tracker does not even detect the movement, so it does not update the location. Again here, the other trackers works fine, as they wake up and start transmitting updating the location. I tried with two T1000 trackers, and I got same results, so it’s not something tied to some broken device…

In all my tests, I keep all trackers together so they are exposed to the same area at the same time (to be sure it is not a coverage issue).

At this point, I’m wondering if the T1000 is a good option as I don’t see it performing well, at least, comparing with other brands… I would like to hear other people experiences and see if I’m wrong or not.

We are currently trying to use these trackers as well. I am using a local chirpstack server.

I have also observed that the trackers do give a lot of " error:“frame-counter did not increment” errors.

we are trying to use these for the button press functionality so we can use them as counters in an agricultural picking business spread out over a large distance but so far these trackers dont seem to work over about 300m.

The GPS location also seems to jump all over the place.

Which other trackers have you used or tested?


So far we also tested Browan TBOL100 and RAK2171 TrackIt. This last one seems to work better than the rest.


Thanks for the reply. Are you using all those on Helium? or your own server?
Unfortunately we dont have any Lorawan networks like that where we are so need our own gateway as well…

we are using Helium network, using this access: