T1000 connection to TTN using AU915 potential issue

Does anyone know if the T1000 B configured for The Things Network frequency plan AU915 uses the SFB2 channels?

I configured the SensCap modem and TTN to expect AU915 FSB2. This works but I am getting some errors that I cannot understand.

I don’t seem to have the same problems if I configure the SensCap modem to Region AS923 and Frequency plan 923-925MHz, and configure TTN Gateway and application to expect Asia 923-925 MHz - (Used by TTN Australia secondary channels), And The T1000B to use AS923-2-TTN.

Thats why, I am interested to know if the T1000B should have an option for AU915 FSB2 or is it already using using FSB2 by default when you select the AU915 option?

I believe think that TTN in New Zealand and Australia is supposed to use AU915 FSB2