sys1.34 fatal bug, need to be updated to latest sys.

we have found the fatal bug in sys1.34 which was installed into the Quads we ship to our customes on 2011/05/30, it is caused by the different display from previous version in hardware, and a added function that used to set the vertical offset . the consequence was that the calibration get in chaos and not waveform on the screen for CHA and CHB
costoms received Quad with sys1.34 (shiped at the beginning of June )need to update the sys to sys1.37 . please kindly updated your firmware. you can download the sys1.37 at:
or … mware_List
and , a quick guide for upgrade firmware: quick guide for upgrading firmware.rar (29.4 KB)

Thanks for the update!

I’m waiting for my DSO Quad to arrive…I’m eager to have it in my hands :smiley:

Which are the specifications of the new LCD?
Does it have better viewing angles than the old one?
Is the main PCB still v2.6?

Thank you.

still HW2.6, the new display has a better view angle and better color features