Support thread for Wii-mote like accelerometer module

It’s expensive to buy a wii-mote to play with Arduino, but we can make a module using the same chip ADXL330.
Here is the Ealge files, final product will be released next month.

"Analog Devices has just celebrated a design win with the Analog Devices ADXL330 device in the Nintendo Wii Console. The Wii Console will not be launched until later this year. Chipworks takes you inside the accelerometer months in advance.

The ADXL330 three-axis accelerometer is the latest addition to Analog Devices family of motion signal processing products. The ADXL330 is a small, low power three-axis accelerometer with signal conditioned voltage outputs, all on a single monolithic IC. The product measures acceleration with a minimum full-scale range of ±2g. It can measure the static acceleration of gravity in tilt-sensing applications, as well as dynamic acceleration resulting from motion, shock, or vibration."
ADXL330.rar (9.33 KB)

there is no pic here, can you show us one or more.

It’s available here: … p-107.html

Hi all! I have just bought the accelerometer module and i am trying to set it up for a test. It has had an adventurous travel and judging by its package it might be damaged. Thankfully, SEEEDSTUDIO took every action possible to assure me that i will get a new one and make things right promptly and efficiently. I feel obligated to acknowledge it in public and thank them for their great business ethics.

Since i have the module in my hands i would like to test if it functions properly before(/if) returning it. I am setting up the test, but i have a problem. I read in the data sheet that the supply Voltage is 3.3V. I have a power source of 5V, 100mA from a BU0836 usb controller. What is the maximum current i can use to supply power to the module? I have read in the datasheet that in 3.3V the module consumes ~350uA(microAmperes). Is that the current i should suply? Thank you in advance!

You are welcome. The current does not matter much, but the voltage should be within 3-3.6V. A quick solution: you may supply the voltage with Battery or other sources,just remember to connect battery anode with controller GND.


Thank you for sharing eagle files for this module…

Why did you use 100nF capacitors for Cx,y,z ? A minimum capacitance of 0.0047microF is recommended in datasheet and for example for 50Hz bandwith is 0.01.

Is the module ready to be used in breadboard?

Bandwidth with external capacitors = 1/(2 × π × 32 kΩ × C). For CX, CY = 0.003 μF, bandwidth = 1.6 kHz. For CZ = 0.01 μF, bandwidth = 500 Hz. For CX, CY, CZ = 10 μF,
50Hz(by using 100nF) is enough for most usages. We have tested every module before shipping, they are well fit with Breadboard.