Support Thread for Monome like button


Product link: … p-108.html

I have noticed that sometimes the glue on the LED leads comes a little loose slide up. At first i thought they were breaking off and i had to order new buttons but when i looked around, i couldn’t find them so upon further inspection i noticed them sliding up. all it takes is just push them down into the holes with a screw driver before you solder them, and you should be ok.

otherwise these buttons are great! nice clicky feel and bright LED that is noticeable in a fully lit room.

Thanks for the feedback! We will lift this issue to factory. :slight_smile:

is it possible to use full color rgb leds with this buttons?

Sorry but this had pinout for mono LED. We are working on the RGB LED Button solution, will publish whenever available.

Thank you!

Any chance on getting these with other color LEDs?

Too bad there isn’t some sort of a rubberized cover for them.

check out this thread on they use a rubber sheet type of thing for their enclosure.

I made an enclosure out of acrylic but i do not have the rubber tactile feel. but the button pad works great all the same.

Do you have a pic of everything installed in the case you made, case looks nice!

yea sorry, i exceeded my quota for flickr so i had to post the rest on photobucket until i can move them to flickr

Fabulous! :smiley:
Would you like to share the design? We could produce and distribute them. In return, we will include some paypal donation link, or royalty if they are sold.

I have LEDs of this type … -p-91.html

and buttons of this type … -p-47.html

I have polarity questions about both products.
The LEDs have a yellow indicator on one side, does this yellow side indicate the negative lead?

Also, regarding the buttons, I am unable to determine which side is positive and which is negative. If I were using these with a Seeedstudio 64 button PCB would the orientation of the buttons even affect their function?

are there datasheets available for either of these products? … -p-91.html … -p-47.html

thank you!

You are right,this yellow side of the LEDs indicates the negative lead.
You needn’t to determine which side of the button is positive and which is negative;For the 4 pins of the button, each two closer ones are not connected. :slight_smile:

fantastic, thank you very much

I’m having major issues with these buttons… … -p-47.html
and the 64 button PCB. After trying for over 2 weeks now and a lot of soldering and desoldering, I learned that the buttons are not configured correctly with this PCB. I turned my button sideways and now the button is registering data. The problem is with the button turned this way the LED leads do not line up. Screen shots below…

thanks for your help

i think those pcb’s were bade for the these buttons

I used that pcb with the all in one buttons and it was fine. has anyone used these buttons on the 64 button pcb

holy cow, i didnt even see this post…

yea i can totally upload or email my .cdr file just let me know where. I made it in corel draw x3 but have opened it in inkscape as an eps file before. with inkscape i have had issues with it resizing things for me so i use corel draw.

ganglu, i have the same buttons and i believe the same board, this picture has what i believe the pin assignments for the button and the pcb to be.
pcb on the left and button on the right.
i have an idea for a workaround but i don’t have a functioning logic board yet, so, i haven’t tried it.
i plan to clip the mis-matched B+ leg on the left side of the button off and run a jumper wire from the adjacent leg B- with the correct pole.
neither of the holes that i have labeled as B+and B- on the right hand side of the pcb actually have traces, so the wrong button poles in those shouldn’t make a difference.
it will be less than ideal, even if it works.
but i think it should work.