Support for Multiple CAN Sheilds on One Arduino is Now Here!

I was messing with the code this morning. I have a breadboard with two MCP2515 based CAN interfaces and an ATmega328. I have a simple sketch transferring received data from one interface over to the other. I have released it to my Github, so feel free to check it out and tell me how it goes. The syntax has changed a bit and the library will not work with existing sketches without some changes. Be advised, I updated the examples without testing them.

Great and look forward to trying it out.


I tested the library using this:

Also, I’ve started making drastic changes to the library on a branch from the master on my Github, if anyone is interested in seeing what is all going on that’s where the action is. I still need to test the branch as most of the development I did was editing the files via the web browser, but more control of the MCP2515 has been given back to the sketch.

That is one very neat breadboard.

I’ve modified one of the seeedstudio boards, so I have two boards ready to play with hopefully over the weekend. I will be talking to two separate CAN buses in the same car using one Uno R3 and 2 SeeedStudio can-bus shields.

Thanks! I enjoy what I do. :slight_smile:

Awesome, I’m anxious to hear how it works in a real application.