Supply Voltage of RS485 NH3 (Ammonia) sensor

Hi, I would like to confirm the specification of supply voltage for RS485 NH3 sensor [SKU 101990862].
According to the below website, it is “5 ~ 24V DC (recommended 5V power supply)”.

However, in the Datasheet, it is “4.5 ~ 5.5V DC (recommended 5V power supply)”.

Which specification is correct?

Hi there,
I see this , and believe it to be correct.
5 volts DC and it uses about 6ma. of power.
Sensor wiring
Yellow- wire RS485+/ A / T+
Green- wire RS485-/ B / T-
Red -wire VCC+
Black -wire VCC- (GND)

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The datasheet indicates that the voltage range for the module is 4.5 to 5.5V, while the NH3 sensor can operate within a range of 5 ~ 24V.

Thank you

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