Suggestion to update your Seeeduino Lite wiki page

I recently purchased your Seeeduino Lite but was not able to upload sketch to it.

It was only resolved my issue on Windows platform Arduino IDE but your wiki does not have any reference about how to achieve the same on a Mac OS X.

Also the Chinese version lack of reference to below lines about boards.txt and usbbcore.cpp replacement.

I fingered this out from some other Arduino forum, so on a Mac OS X

  1. Find the ‘Arduino’ application in Finder

  2. Right click

  3. Select ‘Show Package Contents’

  4. Navigate to Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/Arduino

  5. The mac version of boards.txt is hidden deep in there. You can change or replace the boards.txt here.

  6. Find the corsusb.cpp in similar folder as the windows one and replace it.