Stuck on firmware update screen

Hi Everyone,

After attempting to flash BenF firmware to a number of DSO nano’s, they now just power on to the DFU screen, even without pressing the down key which is normally required to launch the updater. I have tried to go back to the ‘Official version’ and that too fails. It appears that the DFU is doing everything as expected i.e “.RDY” files, but on a power cycle the device goes back to the DFU.

DFU Version: 3.45D
H/W Version: 3.02

I’m having this same issue, did you ever figure it out?

No, I still have the issue. I have not had much help from the customer support teams either.

I’m also stuck on this firmare screen, no matter what i try.
Any idea how to fix it?

Device firmware Upgrade: v3.45D


I managed to recover my device using a TTL-UART interface.
I did try this in the past but never managed to get a connection to the device.
The problem was that I was routing the cables like so

By chance, in I found a manual which explained how to flash the bootloader and i noticed that they mentioned to connect like so:

And that was it!

After successfully connected to the DSO Nano v3, I used Flash Loader Demo to perform the following steps in order:

  • downgraded the bootloader to v3.29D
  • Added my Licence number back (don’t forget to write it down before flashing the bootloader) using DS201.Unlock.V1.00.hex
  • and then proceed with flashing (16.7 KB) (14.8 KB) (53.5 KB)

I tried this process, although the process works I am still an stuck in a loop with the DSO just booting to the DFU every time.
What version of hardware do you have?

I have the latest one, the one that came with bootloader v3.45D

Are you sure you downgraded the bootloader to v3.29D

What do you see in the DFU screen?