Struggling to run DFuSe

My DSO Nano was delivered today and I’ve been struggling to run DFuSe Demonstration to try updating the firmware - I’m using WinXP SP 3.

With the Nano just turned on and connected via the USB, in Device Manager it shows an ‘Unknown Device’. If I power the Nano up in the firmware update mode, in DM it shows ‘STM Device in DFU Mode’. I’m not clear whether I did, or did not get the drivers installed properly. I have a 2Gb micro SD card installed in the Nana and the card is not showing up as a local drive on my PC.

When I attempt to run DFuSe Demonstation, during loading an error box comes up saying it ‘…has encountered a problem’ - Send Error Report / Don’t Send. [EDIT] I have now resolved this last problem - I was trying to use V3.0. I have just found and installed V3.0.1 which works fine.

Help please…

[EDIT2] All problems now resolved since swapping firmware from Paul’s to BenF’s v3.61.

Useful bit of kit this Nano :slight_smile:

If you have a flash card reader slot on your pc, insert microsd into regular sd card adapter then into pc slot. pc should recognise card and ask for format,attempt format with fat if nogo attempt format with fat32.ensure that firewall is disabled.
If this fails connect nano via usb with sd micro asper manual,turn off and and on disregard
popup about dfuse and hit ok.Ensure that dfuse demo is up and running before you connect usb.
I hope this helps,as I had a similar problem with my v2.
I am still learning about this neat little oscope.

The referenced F/W is v3.61. With this version, just turn on the Nano before or after connecting the USB cable or insert the SD card at any time (with USB cable connected and Nano powered on without holding the “Down Arrow”) and you will get windows Nano drive access and access to the SD card. This version includes hot-swappable for SD 2-Gbyte and less.

With this F/W version, no need to have DfuSe Demonstration running before powering on the Nano while holding the “Down Arrow”. Once the USB cable is connected, then device manager will report as shown in the image attached.

When you power up without the “Down Arrow” key pressed, then the Nano becomes an SD card reader. When you power up the Nano with the “Down Arrow” key pressed, then the Nano becomes an STM device for upgrade loading. Hope this clarifies.