String Support for Grove - Triple Color E-Ink Display 2.13

Hi Seeed,

I’m a big fan of the Grove ecosystem and I wanted to provide a request/feedback.

Currently the Grove - Triple Color E-Ink Display 2.13" only has support for drawing images on the Wiki. I habe been unable to find any libraries that support the ability to draw strings with the e-ink display. I was wondering if Seeed is going to provide an update to this in the future as this looks like an fantastic little display that has so much potential to do so much more!

Kind Regards

I found the product Wiki for you. This product is not positioned to display real-time information like a normal screen. We recommend putting what you want to display in an image and then displaying it through an image

Hello, we need a proper library for this display. Otherwise it’s useless…

I gave up and finally de-soldered the STM32 and hard wired to the SPI interface of the display. Works great!

Details here: