Strange readouts in the Serial Monitor, wrong alphabet?

Hi there, I am very new to arduino, so please bear with me.

I just started playing with a Seeeduino Stalker v3.0, connected to my computer via the UartSBee v4.0 , and I am getting some strange results from the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE. I am using a solar panel to charge a Li-Po battery, e.g. this kit: and I downloaded code from the seeeduino wiki to check the charging status of the battery.

[code]void setup()

void loop()
char CH_status_print[][4]=
“off”,"on ","ok ",“err”
unsigned char CHstatus = read_charge_status();//read the charge status

unsigned char read_charge_status(void)
unsigned char CH_Status=0;
unsigned int ADC6=analogRead(6);
CH_Status = 0;//sleeping
else if(ADC6>550)
CH_Status = 1;//charging
else if(ADC6>350)
CH_Status = 2;//done
CH_Status = 3;//error
return CH_Status;

The code verifies fine, and I have gotten it to upload just fine to both a Seeeduino Stalker v3.0 and v2.3, but when I go to the serial monitor window, the returned strings are all in a bizarre alphabet, and look like: " þžøž˜03ðþžøž "˜

I am thinking that there is somehow a mistranslation occurring, and that the output is being read as extended ascii characters, when they should not be. Does anyone know of any fixes to this issue? Thanks in advance!

System details:
2013 MacBook Pro, OS X 10.8.5
most up to date versions of Arduino IDE and FTDI driver,
serial monitor returns proper strings when paired with an Arduino Uno and my own code.