Strange PCB results

I’ve just got the first batch of PCBs from the fusion service.
Everything looks good except the octogonal pads. They are rotated when compared to the gerber files. Here are a couple from the pcb and how they look on the gerber file. I’ve opened the exact gerber from the email I’ve sent, just to be sure. Does anyone know why this happened?

Also, I’ve got 12 PCBs instead of 10. 5 were taped together. What does this mean?

Thank you,

One or two other people have reported the same problem with octagonal pads. There was no explanation.

My guess is that there is a problem with the gerber interpreter at the factory. Anyway, I’ll try to remember not to make any octagonal pads.

Any explanation about the 12 PCBs ?

I’ve not ordered from Seeed, but I’ve had three lots of boards from ITead Studio, who use the same manufacturer. I’ve just checked, and one or two people on the ITEad forum have mentioned the same problem, but no-one seems to have mentioned it here, as I thought, so it must be something that the factory is doing when they panelise the boards. I use round ones.

I usually get one or two extra boards. The boards taped together are probably the ones that were tested, they will have a couple of marks on the edges if they are.

That is true, the 5 boards taped together have 2 black marks on the edge.
Thanks for your help.