Strange FIT mode behaviour, V3.64

Recently acquired a DSO Nano V1, am running BenF V3.64. Observing a stable sine wave in FIT mode, when I start increasing the signal amplitude, I would expect the scope at some point to switch to the next less sensitive vertical range and stay there. Instead it starts bouncing between the two ranges endlessly. Has anyone else seen this?

Yep. I seem to be getting a lot of bouncing between v/div in fit mode in v3.64.

If the Nano starts to bounce between ranges, it’s time to escape from FIT mode and manually fine-tune the controls.

It’s a bit tricky to completely avoid bouncing and still make the FIT function responsive. This is a firmware issue and no indication of problem with your Nano. You can safely continue to use FIT mode as long as you find it useful.

Offhand it seems like it would be straightforward to choose the range change thresholds so that there is an overlap instead of a gap. But I’ll take your word for it that it’s trickier than that. Thanks for the reply.