Strange bluetooth bee android connection problem

Hello everyone,

I have a xbee shield and bluetooth bee mounted arduino. I set the shields toggle switches both left and put the shield on the arduino from 0 to 7 digital pins. I am using the example from wiki page and both red and green leds are blinking:

First i had some problems with com port and after some restart and reinstalling the problem fixed.

Problem is my htc desire s android phone can not find the bee. The phone only sees my computer as a bluetooth device which does not have a bluetooth normally. On the other hand my friend with a windows 8 phone can see the bee but getting not suppertod error, a mac computer also sees bee but can not connect.

Is this about versions because my phone is bluetooth v2.1 and bee is 2.0 or am i doing something wrong?

the BT bee is bluetooth 2.0. as your application, i think you would like to configue your BT bee as slave. you can ref the similar bluetooth shield

I also struggled with the Bluetooth bee. My phone and my Mac could “see” the bee without a problem. I also could connect to the bee from my Mac, using the normal pairing procedure and then connecting over a terminal window with “screen /dev/tty.-DevB 38400” (BTW: screen is a program that is already installed on the Mac). There are also instructions for Linux and Windows on the Wiki pages.

Unfortunately, my son’s Android phone and my iPhone did not discover the bee.

After doing some research on the web, I found out that the iPhone is probably beyond my capabilities. However, for Android phones, there is some hope. My apporach was to buy a different bluetooth bee from DFRobot ( ), which should be doable because the SPI pins are available. I never tried it, though.