Storing Data on SD, Revisited

I am a new V2 Nano owner, pleased except for my inability to store on uSD card. I believe I have read everything on the subject on the site, but no joy. I am old EE, but not much of a software weinie. I will below describe what I have seen and tried and be grateful for any help:

Manual says card must “support SPI mode”. How does one know? (I bought a PNY 2 GB). No joy.

I first formatted card with Windows XP. Could see no way to tell if “FAT16” Later found some stuff re using “SDFORMATTER”; I found and used. No joy.

Manual says download filexxx.dat and copy into root. I could not find such a file. Suggestion on forum says load “SDFILE(10.rar” Did that. No joy.

Somebody said “…Google rar …” and download and unzip. Did that, found and used an unzipper; put in SD root; no jpy.

When I try save filewindow says “File NoPlace”.

Here’s some other stuff I find on forum … but don’t know applicability:

 "You need the filexxx.dat files to create placemarkers on the sd card to save data files and you need imagexxx.bmp files on the sd card to create placemarkers for the image files otherwise you get 'no place' errors. (xxx=001->255). ..."

also “Hello Tony!
I use Sandisk 2GB (no SDHC) without problem. I formated it FAT (16).
Do you copied the files FILExxx.DAT and CONFIG.DAT to the SD?”

As stated: I will be mighty grateful for any help. You are welcome to call me anything you wish. Best, JFS (ecarguy)


May give you some hint.