STM32MP157C ioc file

I’m new to the ODYSSEY-STM32MP157C and would like to configure the controller for my own purposes. Is there any stm32CubeMX file (.ioc) where the SoM peripherals (RAM / eMMC / Clocks) are already initialized?

Sorry, this is an MPU, and we didn’t use stm32CubeMX when we were developing, as we do with traditional MCU.

If you do start working on an IOC file I would be most interested. If I get to it first I will post my work. I am interested in this as I will be using the M4 core and developing for that with STMCubeIDE.
I also used it to verify my pinouts when developing a custom carrier board.

Baozhu, some feedback, I think this is a fairly important and useful item to have for your customers in the future.

Hi fightclubsheep,

I have managed to work with the CubeMX Configurator (IOC-File).
With help from the schematic it was not that hard to configure all the pins on the SoM.
It took me about 4-5h.

Unfortunately, I have no longer access to the data of this project and thus I am not able to share the IOC-File with you.
But I definitely agree with you that an STM32 CubeMX configuration File (.ioc) provided by Seeed Studios would be a big advantage for many developers and makers that want to work with the tools from ST.