STM32MP157C boot SD card

Hello, I am using D-ODYSSEY STM32MP157C.

I have a question because something went wrong while trying to SD CARD BOOT through ODYSSEY – STM32MP157C | Seeed Studio Wiki.

Now, set the BOOT PIN to SD_CARD, insert the SD CARD where stm32mp1-debian-buster-console-armhf-latest-2gb1.img.xz was downloaded, and apply DC 12V. Then the USER LED blinked, and even after 10 minutes, it continues to blink. I would like to ask if it was uploaded properly.

Hi there,
Did you complete Step 3. of the wiki, and extract the *.img file from the *.xz file and Burn it with the Etcher app?
only after that do you insert it into odyssey and reboot , set to boot from SD card. wait for the unit to reboot and look at the serial console.
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Let’s unpack the compressed file and try again. Thank you for your answer

Even if you burn the img file with the Etcher app after decompressing, it just blinks the same way.

Hmmm, odd, Let’s start a Poll, my $$ is on the SD card (speed)
Does it blink, even with out it inserted? , No then ----> card or slide switch.
Ok, check the type of SD card , best to use class 10, 32Gig
are you powering thru the USB C port?, try that for firmware update
lastly, switch the position of the boot from emmc <–or–> sd card switch maybe it’s looking in the wrong place., give the sd card slot a good eyeball inspection (both sides) for bridges or remnants.
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Make sure you got a good 3A power supply , Push - hold power to turn off, push and release to Boot.
I’m looking at this doc here,

If not inserted, the USER LED is off. I am using SanDisk CLASS 10, 32GB SD CARD and set it up as shown in the picture below. Power source was USB C.

Nice look, appears VERY correct specs…Hmm
Can you unplug the ribbon cable?
Ah, Long shot larry , But where are the screws for top board? You got one to put in?
how much power will the USB-C supply the board? minimum 2A , recommended 3A.

This cable is capable of supplying 3A power, and the DSI cable has been removed. I also found some plastic screws and connected them. The USB device is not recognized by the PC. Is this a problem?

Hi there,
sofar so good, should go.
The SD device or th USB, Once you image the sd card Windows will complain try to have you repair it… Ignore that.
I have a Rock 64 running the Buster image, it too gave me fits over the SD card, two Identical one and 1 worked , 1 did not.
Try another if you can…
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Can you tell me which SD CARD brand works?

Hi there,
Here’s what I’m using…

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Thank you. I’ll try another sd card.

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Not all sd cards. What’s the problem

Ok well do you have access to another IMG, On the advanced page of the guide there are some links to other images, Maybe ubuntu or another previous build.
Can you tell if the selector switch makes a difference SD or EMMC position…
are you using the power button to cycle power , & boot etc.?
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Is the power and USER1 LED flashing when it’s trying the Boot SD?

The SOM USER LED blinks and the USER1 LED is off.

The power button to cycle power does not work the same way.

Hi there,
So If you press and hold the power button , does it power off?
, then with SD card inserted press it once and that’s how it is trying to boot from SD card , Correct?
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“they mean to start up failed if the USER LED does not blink.Please check the boot switch whether it is SD_CARD.” from wiki?

As Last resort , Try this sd card image from here

you can see his video here as well, although he’s using a DK2 board the process is the same, Just see if it boots…

Thank you so much. I will try it the way you suggested.