Can stencils for SMT soldering be ordered with the fusion PCB service?

Yes, this is something I would like to know too.
If no stencils can be made with Fusion services where is a good place to do so for prototypes?

At this point in time Seeed does not offer this service. I hope they do in the future. A good place to get your solder paste stencils for now is through the pololu laser cutting service. there Laser-Cut Mylar SMT Stencil are quite competitively priced.

I personally prefer Ryan O’Hara’s $25 Kapton stencils, as they are much nicer than the Mylar stencils from Pololu (Kapton cuts much more cleanly).

I would love it if a company such as Seeed offered competitively priced stainless steel (or even Kapton) stencils.

I too would be pleased if SMD stencils would be offered as part of the Fusion service. Seems they already have some form of Laser Cutting capabilities, so I don’t think it would be a stretch…

It is an old post but is something that bothers me a long time now!

Almost always, together with the Fusion PCB Service, I want to order stencils as well (preferably metal ones and not Kapton or Mylar) and I was hopping that Seeed will start supporting this service!

Have we got any update about that? Are PCB stencils in the timeline of SeeedStudio?