Starter Shield EN(Tick Tock shield) supported on atmega2560?

I have built the started shield and it works fine on the Arduino UNO Rev3.

Because I want to control a Servo when the alarm expires I need an extra PWM pin and a Timer to drive it. I bought an Arduino Mega2560 R3 so I can use Timer 5, Pin 46, 45 and 44 with the Servo library.

But when I use the standard sketch the clock is not working correctly. Only the Alarm time is displayed and the clocks stops blinking the colon. If I put the shield back on the UNO the clock runs fine again.

Can the shield be used with the Arduino Mega2560 R3?

I solved part one; the TTDisplay library is now working correctly after adjusting the timing in the communication according to the data sheet of the TM1636.

The remaining part is the correct communication with the Vs1307. I tried different code samples but non of the seem to work at the moment.

The I2C pins differ from the Arduino 328 to the Arduino 2560. This is solved on the R3 versions of the boards (which I use) by adding additional I2C pins (SDA, SCL) next to AREF on both boards. Unfortunately the Starter Shield EN(Tick Tock shield) does not use the new I2C pins, instead it is wired to Analog 4 and Analog 5.

I solved this issue by placing two wires from pin 20 and 21 (SDA, SCL)on the 2560 to pin A4 and A5 (SDA, SCL) on the shield on top of the 2560.