Starter kit - LCD does not work properly

Hello, I have bought your starter kit and I have issues with the LCD module (ver. 1.1). Using Arduino 1.0 language, SerialLCD v1.02… and Arduino uno board. I have compiled the HelloWorld example, uploaded to Arduino and nothing has been shown, then I defined functions backlight and power in the library (
#define SLCD_BACKLIGHT_ON 0x81
#define SLCD_POWER_ON 0x83
#define SLCD_POWER_OFF 0x82
and the appropriate methods).
Well, after using POWER_ON, the first line of the display has been filled with black bars and if you look from some angle you can even see the text. The problem is the second line of the display is not working at all(setting cursor to (0,1)) and I assume if it does, the text would be readable nicely. Can somebody help me how to probably init the display properly?
Thanks a lot

Hi, please try to use the library under arduino 022 or 023, as we haven’t test the code under 1.0.

Works fine now. Thanks.