Starter Kit for ADK

Hi, I am new to Seeeduino and I have been a hobbyist programming Android and Lego NXT and now just discovered a new way to extend the Android power. Here is the newbie question: Let’s say, I want to build an Android application can intetact with verious type of sensors (temperature, touch, sound, light etc) and can drive servo or on/off valves/LEDS, I have an Android phone, I know I will need to buy a Seeeduino ADK platform, and sensors, what I don’t know is what else I will need to buy (I need detailed list including all necessary accessories), I am a little confused by the terms like “shield”, “bee”…, I know you guys are all busy, I hope anyone can lend me a hand so I can make a compelete order once…THANKS…

shields are boards that plus on top of xxxduino. They can be prototypes boards on which you can wire what you want or dedicated boards for ethernet, data logging, for example.

bee are wireless communication boards.

thanks,it looks like I can buy a groove set and a ADK,then I should have a good start kit.right?

of course, just read the post below, I will need to wait the coming shield for ADK/Groove…all these words start making sense to me… :laughing: