start-up problem with simple ADC example

I apologize if this is the incorrect location to post this question but I was unable to find a more appropriate location…

I bought the Seeed Studio HiJack Development Kit. I have TechBasic loaded on my iPad. I also bought the O’Reilly book “iPhone & iPad Electronic Projects”. I am trying to get the simple project outlined in the book to work but, so far, have been unable to get anything to respond. I have been unable to find any detailed data related to this product so I’m flailing my arms right now.

I have the simple circuit interface connected as described in the book. It just connects an external trimpot to the hijack module. I’ve triple checked the connections. All are good. I’m using an external power supply set to 2.75VDC as the power source so as to not load the audio-sourced Vcc line from the iPad. I have the simple program listed below entered and running without error:

while 1
print hijack.receive

All I’m seeing is 0 and 0. The time isn’t even changing. I’m seeing occassional flashes, like the values are being updated but the console values never change from 0’s.

Is there something else that needs to be done to get this to work?