Standby Mode for GSM and GPS V2


I’ve been looking to try and get my rephone into standby mode as you state it can on your wiki
20mW/30mW/52mW @ standby(no radio)/standby(GSM)/standby(BT)

I can’t find how to put the GSM/BT into standby mode can you help with this?

For the GPS V2 because you added a processor inbetween the GPS chip RX and TX that goes to the processor and communication to the GSM board via SDA/SCL so the commands they tell you to use in the L70 pdf to change the modes doesnt work because you can access the RX and TX directly through the GSM board is there away to change the mode through the GSM board?

I feel like this is a great product but it missing a few stuff what has not done correctly, there is a lack of documents for the Rephone that help developers use the kit and the module doesnt auto power up so for what ever reason if the board is off and the module is not easy accessable how are you going to turn back on the device if you can get to the power button. There is no VIN allowing the board to charge of an external battery like from a car.

I notice aswell as Seeedstudio dont really reply to post on this forum please can you reply back to me.


I am planning to implement airplane mode and switches for GSM, data connection and BT, but I also found nothing in the SDK documentation. I’ll look forward and post anything useful found.

Hi, maybe can close some devices to save power.

  • api " vm_gsm_switch_mode" in file “vmgsm.h”
  • api ‘’ vm_gsm_gprs_switch_mode" in file “vmgsm_gprs.h”
  • api " vm_bt_cm_switch_on" and " vm_bt_cm_switch_off" in file “vmbt_cm.h”

Thanks @jinyuan.weng once i give it a try and get it to work I will post my code online.