StalkerV21_DataLogger_Periodic detachInterrupt

I’m trying to run the StalkerV21_DataLogger_Periodic Example.

The values that are being written to the SD card and serial window are not at regular intervals.

For example, at line 68 in StalkerV21_DataLogger_Periodic.ino,

 //Enable Interrupt 
 RTC.enableInterrupts(EveryMinute); //interrupt at  EverySecond, EveryMinute, EveryHour

The serial watch window displays:

2012/4/25 9:23:59 21.25 deg C


and nothing else - ever.

The resulting DATALOG.CSV contains:

04/25/12 09:22:36 AM 22.5
04/25/12 09:23:27 AM 21.75
04/25/12 09:23:54 AM 21.5
04/25/12 09:23:59 AM 21.25

which isn’t every minute nor is it regular.

I’ve updated the source and libraries to the latest versions, but can’t figure out what’s wrong.

I have tried without the solar panel and battery and I get the same behavior.

When I run a sketch without the interrupts, only sleep statement; code works fine - but that doesn’t make use of the solar cell and battery.

What the data shows is that a value is being written when the temperature changes, but I don’t think that’s associated with the interrupt.

Does this have anything do to with this problem?

void INT0_ISR()
//Keep this as short as possible. Possibly avoid using function calls


Hi Jeff

you’ve closed the jumper that enables interrupts ?. It is in the back of the card

Yep. That was the problem. Rookie move. Thank you very much.