stalker - xbee


i bought a stalker and xbee(pro series 2) module from seeedstudio…

Where could i find some document with information to program stalker with xbee?

i tried to follow this guide: ,using stalker and other seeeduino (with xbee shield)

if i upload physicalpixel sketch to stalker with xbee installed, IDE cant comunicate arduino, (stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding… i think it is about serial line) if i upload without xbee, uploading finish ok. but when i restart stalker with xbee installed, D3 led becomes red and it seems that is not working…

by the way, i use usb bub from modern-devices to program stalker and works ok.


and sorry about my poor english skills

the Xbee use the TX and RX , so when you want to program the code into stalker you need to move it out from the stalker.

and before you use the XBee, have you initial the Xbee ? We sorry that we have not the dec about stalker work with Xbee now , but the dec and demo will be make soon…


I didnt init the xbee.

Thanks for the reply!


Is there available any xbee-stalker guide, or maybe some examples of code???

Just a link could be great for me :slight_smile:

Lot of Thanks!