Stalker V3 with DS1337


I have a quantity of Stalker V3 to work with, but the wiki documentation page on Stalker V3 does not appear to be published yet [27 June 2014].

Is there any documentation available please? I’m particularly interested in obtaining a library for the DS1337 RTC.

Thanks Jacket. Nice product.



Hi Hussat.

Actually library of ds1307 is similar to ds1307, you can try the library here: :astonished:

Thanks loovee,

Since my first post, I have also found that the library DS1337 at works well too. It only needs small changes to INT_PIN=2 and int_number=0 in the example and DS1337.h file.



I’m a dope, sorry. I found the wiki. Here is the link … uselang=en