Stalker V3 wiki isn't consistent on RTC libraries

Per the wiki instructions, I installed the RTC library linked in the Resources section, ( I then opened the “adjust” demo, changed the date, and tried to run it. Unfortunately, the adjust.ino file requires the DS3231.h library (not the DS1337.h I was just instructed to download).

I then downloaded the DS3231.h library from (and edited the “#include <WProgram.h>” to be Arduino.h)

I then get the following compile errors for “adjust”:
adjust.ino:13:1: error: ‘DateTime’ does not name a type
adjust.ino: In function ‘void setup()’:
adjust.ino:20:9: error: ‘class DS3231’ has no member named ‘begin’
adjust.ino:21:9: error: ‘class DS3231’ has no member named ‘adjust’
adjust.ino:21:16: error: ‘dt’ was not declared in this scope
adjust.ino: In function ‘void loop()’:
adjust.ino:26:5: error: ‘DateTime’ was not declared in this scope
adjust.ino:26:14: error: expected ‘;’ before ‘now’
adjust.ino:27:18: error: ‘now’ was not declared in this scope

I’ve spent too long trying to get the correct libraries for something that should be straightforward. Please tell me what RTC libraries I should be using.

I am running Arduino IDE 1:1.0.5+dfsg2-2 which I downloaded from the Ubuntu software center.

Thank you.

My earlier post didn’t get any replies and so I’m re-posting this with a better subject line.

The wiki information is not correct and I need help doing simple things like adjust time and get current time.

Thank you.


The library of DS1337 which downloaded from wiki can work well with stalker. You can download the attachment and have a try again.

By the way, did you put the library into a right path? Errors like that always occurred by a wrong path.

Jacket (9.72 KB)

not sure where this goes so i will ask here.

recently i have updated from stalker 2.3 to stalker v3. all is going quite well till i try to read the temp from the rtc.
when i open the serial port the time is correct but the temp always reads as -127 deg c….
am i missing something,has something changed? or is the chip defective ….please respond

thank you in advance

Stalker V3 is good.