Stalker V3 powering on and off the SD card


I have been trying to power off the SD card on Stalker v3 using the command “digitalWrite(4,HIGH);” (after soldering P2 as specified in the Stalker v3 wiki). However I am not sure that it is powering off. What would be the command if I want to power on again the SD card after powering it off, would it be “digitalWrite(4,LOW);” ?
My goal is to use as less power as possible since I will be running on solar power combined with battery.
Is there a way to check if the SD card is powered on or off?

Hi guys

Yes, it would cut off the power of SD Card while using digitalWrite(4,HIGH), and get power from battery after setting a low level to pin 4.

Read the logic level from pin4 and you can get the state of SD Card. //digitalRead(4)