Stalker V3 P5 Defect

Do you have a new stalker v3 board coming that resolves the p5 defect? In order to map p5 to p3 on xbee socket is to remove the r10 resistor and run a wire from p5 to left side of the removed resistor. The flaw is plain as day on the board schematic,


Seeed has known about this defect for some to time, you have not disclosed this design flaw in your documentation, yet you continue to sell a defective board; some might consider that fraud. The very least you can do is update the documentation, disclose the flaw and let the customer decide.

Bottom line: The p5 pad does not go anywhere.

When is the Stalker V3.1 with this defect resolved coming out?


We have added a know issue section and work-around for this hardware defect to wiki here.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused due to this issue.

Could you please write to us with your order details to Customer Service.

Thanks and Warm Regards