Stalker v2b RX-8025 real time clock library / sample code?


How can I set and read the RTC on the Stalker 2b, it uses the RX-8025 instead of the DS1307.



We are preparing the demo code. It will be available soon.

How about a Stalker with a usable clock, with some example code that can be found on the net? Like maybe a DS3231; it will do all that the RX-8025 will do, but doesn’t have a register at address 0x0D that you can not write to or read from, without totally trashing the chip.

I’m trying to write a code for this virtually-unknown RTC chip. It’s a pain in the ass. ^^

Thanks for the demo code. Now I just have to find out why a scan for i2c addresses on the bus doesn’t find one at 32 for the clock, unless I let the board set for a couple of days and the supercapacitor discharges. Maybe I’ll try and replace the clock chip. Thanks again for the code. The fat16 library is super.

I see from your sample code, that you could not read from an address either. Using the wire library, I can not get the chip to operate, as in the application manual, per page 26, with restarts after the address is sent; however using a bus pirate the operation worked as stated. If you find the answer, could you post it. How about a different clock chip, a DS1339 with trickle charger would work great with the supercapacitor. Thanks for the boards other features.