Stalker V2.X and XBee Pro XSC

Is the Stalker V2.X compatible with the XBee Pro XSC modules?

I’ld like to use the Stalker for relatively long range communications. I see some traffic here about the older boards but not the V2 Stalkers. It appears that the XSC requires 265ma for transmit. Can the latest Stalkers support that? Is there any other reason why these devices would not work with the newest Stalkers?

Stalker V2 cannot support XBee Pro module, As XBee socket 3.3v just can supply 150mA max.


Any chance of an upgrade to the power regulator in future releases of the Stalker? I really like the board, but supporting for the Xbee Pro’s would certainly add more functionality to the device…

+1 on this request !

I’d like to use the Stalker with ZigBee Pro modules…