Stalker V2 Sleep Library


Any news on how the Sleep library for the Slalker V2 is coming on? Would be very handy to get this soon with the following functions:

Set Sleep mode - choose how to sleep Stalker
Set Alarm type - real time/date or relative time (seconds/minutes/hours/days)
Set Alarm time - will wake Stalker up at a given time
Start sleep - puts Stalker to sleep using the above settings.

Anything else to add to the list?




We are sorry for late release, you can download it here: …

Or direct download from the Stalker wiki page.
BTW, it is just suitable with Stalker v2.0b and Stalker v2.0.


Could you, please, explain, how to use these sleep functions? As a beginner seems like I’m missing something.

When I run “powersaver.pde” sketch, in Serial monitor it prints a line with current time and another line “Sleeping”, but that’s it, my Stalker doesn’t wake up after that even if I specify “EverySecond” for RTC.enableINTA_Interrupts(). I tried running that sketch on external power too.

Do I need to do something on the hardware side to wake up it up?

you need solder a solder bridge on the INTA_PD2 jumper.
It is on the bottom of the Stalker v2.
Sorry for uninformed this.

All the best

Thanks, Albert! It sleeps and wakes up well now.

Btw, “powersaver.pde” from the library ZIP file is missing the definition of “sleep_bod_disable()” function. It is only in “StalkerV2_DataLogger.pde” sketch, should be in both, otherwise “powersaver” won’t compile.

I was trying to use this library with Stalker v2 and XBee module to transmit only once an hour.
I connected D5 to Pin9 of the XBee to put the module to sleep too but am not getting anything from the XBee. When doing the same with simple delay and D5 is still changing as before, the program works.
Does this library has any issues with XBee modules?

I soldered the INTA at the bottom of the board, and it wakes up alright.

Issue resolved after setting Coordinator SP and SN correctly. Sorry for the trouble.