Stalker v2 sample code Download Problem

Having issues downloading the zip files that contain demo code and RTC libraries. When I try to download from the wiki page, the zip files always come up “invalid” and empty.

Is there another place to obtain the files?

Hi there,

Could you provide the link what libraries you want?Grove-RTC?
And also the Stalker is find whatever you want give us exact one.
But I tried, there are no problem with them.
So may be you can try again…
Hope can help you.

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Stalker is version 2.0.

Here is the link from the Wiki page: …

I tried this link again today. Still no luck, I can download but it ends up being an invalid file.
Can I obtain the file elsewhere?

Hi there,

I attach here you try again.
Stalker V2.0 (15.2 KB)