Stalker V2.2 OK_READ Jumper

On the documentation of the Stalker V2.2 it is stated that to use Pin 7 for other purposes than checking the Battery Charge the following needs to be done:
“OK_READ - Digital Pin 7 of the microcontroller go low (logic 0) after the battery has been charged. Unmount this jumper to use Digital Pin 7 for other purposes.”
Where is the jumper? It seems that the documentation refers to earlier Stalkers.
At the moment I am trying to use a GPRS Shield v1.2 but is stuck with Pin 7 not being available for the GPRS Shield.
Any advice?

Hello ,
Do you use Stalker v.2.2 now ? Stalker 2.2 doesn’t use D7/D8 pin , it can be used to compatible with GPRS shield.
Sorry that there is some information refers to earlier Stalkers on wiki , we will updata it soon .
And ,actually, more details , it is better to read the schematic .


Thanks for the reply Deray
Yet if I use the sample code on the Wiki Page:
with my Stalker V2.2 it fails to communicate. The same code used with an Arduino Uno works.
I am new to the whole Arduino Scene (as you could have guessed). Am I missing something?

Hello ,
There is an answer on the FAQ of GPRS wiki .