Stalker v2.1 and DHT22 Sensor, which library?


I’m trying to use the DHT22 sensor with the Stalker and can’t get it to work. I’ve had this problem on V2.0 as well. I can get the DHT11 to work, but want the higher precision of the 22. The 22 seems to connect and communicate properly, but I just get zeros for data.

I’m using the Virtuabotix library for the DHT11 and the LadyAda for the DHT22. I’ve noticed that others report their DHT22’s work with Stalkers, so the question is what library are you using?


Hi , which sensor do you use ? Can you provide the webpage ?



As mentioned, AdaFruit’s library produces the null data.

What dht22 devices/libraries have worked for the stalker?



don’t worry, you are not alone … :wink: . I tried DHT22 with many Arduinos and it seems that this sensor (beside its specification) doesn’t like to be powered by 3.3V. Arduino UNO with DHT22 on 5V works like a charm, the same having on 3.3V = I get nothing or very corrupted data.

So that’s my observations. I would like to have also the humidity nevermind I have to stay with temperature sensor DS18B20 only.


Unfortunately my mileage is different. I’ve used this sensor on several other Arduinos @ 3.3v with no problems.