Stalker v1.0 with Alkaline battery

Hi - I have a Stalker 1.0 that I want to power with a 9v Alkaline battery. Yes I know this isn’t the normal application, I don’t need it to run for days or weeks, just a couple hours at a time.

I tried to hook the 9v up to VIN and GND but it doesn’t work. But the same works with a regular Arduino. Is there a jumper I need to bridge or something?


The vin is connected to nothing, so the board can’t be powered via vin. The vin of Arduino has been connected to a regulate, so it can provide power to the board.


Thanks for the response. So is there any good way to power the stalker with a battery? I assume it can’t be connected to the LiPo connector, right?

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I’m afraid so.

By the way,now we have a new version of stalker, and of course, you can connect a battery to the stalker. Maybe if you have any suggestion, please feel free to contact us.


Ok, thanks!