Stalker + UartSBee not uploading

I got a Stalker to move an energy monitoring project I am working on to, less shields in the end.

Unfortunately I am having no luck uploading code.

The RX light on the UartSBee flashes but no TX.

Two quick questions:

  1. What voltage should the UartSBee be set to? I have it on 3V3.
  2. Are there any test points, and what are the expected voltage and/or frequency, on the stalker I can use to see that it/I did not damage it?


Please toggle UartSB power switch to 5V side.

all the best

We developed a Pachube ( compatible energy monitor using Arduino and an Energy Meter Shield from Olimex Chile ( … cts_id=600)

This meter reads instant voltage, current and power. Also measures the accumulated energy consumption in kWh. With the energy meter shield you can upload your energy consumption data to the web so you be able to analize it and change usage habits, all this at low cost and using Arduino!!

Instructions and source code is available in our website.

Check a screenshot of the Energy Meter monitoring data … achube.htm

If you have any question about our project contact us at