stalker temp102 not working

I have a stalker working based on the example script in the Stalker v2.1 wiki page. However, the tmp102 readings are always 0. Date and logging functions work as expected. Having reviewed this forum and others, I am not clear if I am experiencing a hardware or software problem. Your thoughts are appreciated.

UPDATE: I ran an i2c scanner to look for the temp102. I found the rtc on 104, but nothing else. Is there a temp102 on stalker v2.1?

There isn’t a Tmp102 chip on the v2.1, but the DS3231 RTC has a temperature register.

I’ve tried to attach a file that contains a DS3231.pde file that will display time and temperature. (1.43 KB)


Thank you for the script. It works great. However, the temp seems to lag. Any way to update faster than the 64 sec mentioned in the comments of your script?

Dear Seeeduino,

Please offer an updated example script for Seeeduino V2.1 to address the issues mentioned above.