Stalker - setting RTC and waking from RTC examples

I’ve got a couple Stalkers (v2) and I got them to run the “Stlker logger AM06 Serial.pde” example that’s on the wiki, but the clock is off by a few years. Are there any code examples of how to set the clock for the current time, and what about examples on how to set the board to sleep and have it wake up periodically by the RTC?

An example of how to set the time into the variable called RX8025_time is near the top of the main sketch. Here is a copy of that code. You will see it sets a date and time of 10/11/10 09:54:00.

unsigned char RX8025_time[7]=
0x00,0x54,0x09,0x03,0x10,0x11,0x10 //second, minute, hour, week, date, month, year, BCD format

To set the time you just populate the variable and then add this line of code:-