Stalker Programming interface pinout

Where can i find the pinout for the Stalker programing interface? I have a DFrobot FTDI chip and i think the stalker is different

I recently got this info from Albert.

Looking at the socket, from left to right:

VCC (square pad)

Thanks for that, I think i have blown mine up. I can’t upload sketches to it (RX light flashes and nothing else happens) Looking forward to some SMD rework :unamused:


I have a similar problem as Lefty does: I’ve wired a FTDI/USB of Sparkfun to the stalkers FTDI bus (tx->rx, rx->tx: is it ok?), but when loading a sketch, one LED is on, an other is blinking, Sparkfun’s txLED blinking, arduino console says “uploading”, but nothing else happens!
Where could be the problem? Should I choose another board from arduino’s menu? Which one? Using Arduino21.

Could anyone help, please?
Thanks a lot

The Stalker is a 3.3 volt board so make sure the interface is set to 3.3 volt.

The Stalker 168 uses the “Arduino Duemilanove or Nano /w ATmega 168” and the Stalker 328 uses the “Arduino Deicimila, Duemilanove, or /w ATmega 328” option.

Hope this helps.

Thanks - I will try it soon.
I only hope I haven’t fried the stalker :astonished: