Stalker P5/P6 and Base Shield

I am pissed off, you guys at seeed are useless. The interaction between the stalker and the xbee is NOT DOCUMENTED AT ALL and you clearly you have no idea how to make the fricken thing work or you would replay to my posts about getting these two to talk. How the F am I supposed to figure this out with ZERO documentation?

All I want to do at this point is send ATMY to the Xbee Wifi and get C0 A8 01 87 back; IMPOSSIBLE! I can do this XCTU, but not through Arduino because I have no fricken idea what the address is for the Xbee, your docs says its 0 and 1; but that doesnt work; nothing works, there are no examples, no documentation. WHAT A JOKE!

Is seeed a real company or not?

This is pathetic.

Can I move P5 and P6 to go through my base shield? After studying the schematics, I get that you created a conflict with the uarts and the bee, now the question is; how can I have both. I want to upload and debug with the serial monitor -AND- have the xbee running. As far as I know, cannot do that without moving p5 and p6 to remove the conflict?

Can I move p5 and p6 two digital inputs on a base shield; P5-D5, P6-D6?

Do I melt the connector on the topside of the board and then solder two wires up to the shield D5 and D6?



Seeeduino Stalker V3_Txd_Rxd_alternate_pads.png

Please see the screenshot of Seeeduino Stalker V3 schematic. Xbee modules are connected to hardware UART of ATMEGA328 by default. We have also provided an option to use Software Serial by making use of pad jumpers (P5 & P6). Please cut the jumpers from H/W UART and solder it to alternative port pins.

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You are full of crap. You FULL WELL KNOW there is a design defect with P5 on the Stalker v3. The defect is plain as day on your own schematic!!! The P5 pad does not go anywhere,

You need to stop selling this board and offer a replacement when you stamp out a new version.