Stalker is not compatible with Xbee Pro XSC ?

I tested Stalker with regular Xbee and all information transferring just fine.
When I inserted Xbee Pro XSC I am getting garbage. The link on XSC tested between 2 laptops and works fine.
Is Seeeduino Stalker compatible with Xbee Pro ?

Thank you !

I’ve done limited testing with the XBee Pro 50mW Series 2.5 XBP24-BCIT-004 and it has worked fine. When I first started the sketch the sketch reset a couple of times before it settled down and started sending the data on a regular basis. I had a LED connected to one of the pins which the sketch was using for indicating data collection and I am not sure if this was interfering with the Xbee. That’s one of the reasons why I created the other thread asking for the pin allocations on the Stalker. Another thing I am going to try is disabling the auto reset. Instructions for disabling the reset can be found on the Arduino site at:

I’m not sure what you mean by garbage data but lots of time when you get strange characters its a problem with mismatched baud rates. The only testing I have done is at 9600.

I am sorry that now the Stalker just tow pins connect to the Xbee socket , and we will add full serial pins control to Xbee socket next version.

Is it fixed in Stalker 328 ?

No,please take a look at this blog. … d-but-two/