Stalker Digital Output Voltage

I measured the output voltage from the digital outputs of a Stalker and they measure about 3 volts using both the USB interface card and using an external power supply. Is 3 volts the expected output voltage? I checked the output voltage of a Arduino and it outputs 5 volts. If the 3 volt output is normal, is there a easy way to up the voltage to 5 volts?


Hi CRS2010,

Yes, to be compatible with the working voltage of xBee and MicroSD card, the mcu of stalker is designed working at 3.3v, so as the i/o.

You may need to use transistors to change the voltage. Refer to this:


Thanks for the reply. I thought the 3.3 volts was right but was not sure if it was switchable.

I will give the transistors a try and let you know how it works. I have a couple of 2n2222 transistors on hand so I will give them a try.