Stalker battery options

I’m reading about the new Stalker boards, and the documents say it requires a 4.2v lipo battery. I’m having a hard time finding one, since most seem to be 3.7v. What are the battery options we have for the Stalker? Can we also use NiMh and use the onboard charger to charge them, or is it limited to lipo? And is 4.2v really the preferred input voltage?

A 4.2 volt LiPo is fine with the Stalker. A single cell LiPo fully charges to 4.2 volts and has a nominal voltage (the average voltage between fully charged and fully discharged) of 3.7 volts.
So 4.2 volt and 3.7 volt LiPo are different ways to refer to the same thing.

I think the charger on the Stalker is designed only for LiPos so I would stick to those.

So something like this would be the preferred battery for the stalker? … p-603.html