stalker at328 RTC with LCD and power led


i have recently bought a stalker in order to log some data with a gps and display them.

I have three issues.

First one the D2 diode that is said to be a power led never light on ( i have tried to power the board thanks to the jst plug and to the serial port).

Second one which is more anoying :
When i plug a LCD from sparkfun ( … ts_id=9395) it works fine to display what i need. It is plugged on the ground and on the 5V pin on the bottom of the card and to the Digital 3 port for soft serial communication.

The problem comes when i unplug the power : the RTC chips seem to only remember the last date when i unplugged the power (yes i have a CR 2032 battery to keep the time) if the LCD is plugged on the 5V. If the LCD is not plugged to the 5V everything is perfect and the time flows normally.

Third problem :
With the lcd plugged to the 5V when i switch off the board with the power switch it is still on !

I have tried to power the lcd with a digital port (4) in outputn high but it seems not produce enough current.


Second problem :

in fact it happens only if yoiu connect two power source in the mean time ie : jst plug + serial port … then the RTC clock seems to stay at the time it was at this moment forever (untill you set it another time to another date and everything works fine again) …
solution : unplug jst power BEFORE using serial plug. and same thing when plugging the JST : remove the serial connector BEFORE.

no solutions for the two other problems at the moment.


  1. The D1 diode is power indicator, and the D2 diode is RESET indicator.

  2. The switch is master switch, when turn off, the board doesn’t work. But the 5V pin is still connected to the VCC of UartSBee. So there is power that is connected to LCD.