Stalker and GPS Bee SD Data Corrupt

I have a Seeeduino Stalker 168 with a GPS Bee installed but cannot get intelligible data saved to the SD card. All I get is the text string"Begin"and then lots of rubbish or lots of spaces. I am using the sketch downloaded as the Seeedstudio example without any changes and compiled in 0018. I have tried with the UARTSB connected and power supplied to the stalker via the USB and also powered via the battery jack. No difference! I suspect that the GPS Bee is not using 9600 and have tried changing the sketch baud rate to 38400 because i read somewhere that it uses this speed under certain power conditions. I have a 1GB SD card formatted to FAT16 and using the data.log file which starts with a single character.

The GPS Bee works fine when mounted on the UARTSB with readable data delivered via the USB COM port.

Any ideas what to try next? :bulb:


Same setup.

I get no data on the card, None added.