Stalker and 2.8" TFT touch screen

I purchased a Seeeduino Stalker board and the 2.8" TFT shield, and I’m trying to add a SHT11 temperature/humidity sensor to this combo.
The first problem is to find an available pin, because the TFT shield seems to use ALL of the pins.
Except for two: pins 18 and 19 (SDA and SCL).
So far so good, I get the SHT11 working, I can read temperature and humidity and display it on the TFT.

Next step is to get some data from the DS3231 RTC. Problem: when I initialise the communication to this chip, the temperature data from my sensor gets completely scrambled…
because I am using the SDA and SCL pins?

Am I right that you can’t use any other sensor if you use this TFT shield? This would be a major setback for me,

Thanks for any info or input,


Hey,maybe you are using TFT touch shield 1.0,this shield have used almost all pins,so you might need to use Mega to expand I/O pins… but we have a TFF touch shield 2.0 now,it occupys some pins but others you can use for other devices.

Ok, thanks for the reply.
I must have looked at the documentation of the version 1.0 then.
I’ll have to check somehow which version I bought…I hope it is marked somewhere…

Thanks again,


I looked up my invoice, and it states that I have a V2.0, so I will try the pins that should be available…

Thanks for pointing that out!