Stalker 2 Wireless reset has started to fail

One of my stalker 2 boards will no longer reset when programmed arduino>xbee

I have switched xbee radios between 2 stalkers to prove that the xbee is configured correctly. (The 2nd stalker programmed correctly using the radio from the stalker that fails)

I have not altered the wireless solder jumper. I have not cut the fine default connection to the wireless programming. Both stalkers have the same configuration and the same sketch.

I have programmed the stalker that fails via ICSP so I know the avr chip is working.

Any suggestions please?

ps: using 1mw series 1 xbees

I found that re-flashing the firmware fixes this problem. I have no idea why that is but it certainly fixed it :smiley:


If you do have a problem with the stalker 2 and wireless programming you should only consider this post a last resort solution.

In my early experiences with the stalker 2, my xbees and usb drivers were not configured correctly which resulted in a similar problem. If you do not have a 2nd stalker (or an arduino fio) to prove the xbee config then I suggest double checking your xbee x-ctu settings manually.